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Steven's Collectables

Are you or your partner interested in automotive memorabilia? What about high quality sterling silver with stunning natural crystals in pendants and earrings?
Discover over 400 reproduction vintage tin signs and an extensive range of beautiful jewellery in our ebay store today!

Hello to everyone and allow me to introduce my husband of the past 40 years to you - 'Steven'. Now I'm not sure what your partners are like but mine collects things and has done for as long as I can remember, but the time has come (maybe it's a mid-life thingy) to let some things go and hopefully that doesn't mean me! So all of those treasured possessions that have been taking up space in our lives are what this page is all about.

As time permits Steven will place more and more items into his ebay store - items like die cast cars, coins, stamps, motorbike accessories, trading cards, coke memorabilia, military memorabilia, etc, etc (as you can see, this collecting craze has been going on for quite awhile). If you cannot find what you are looking for in his store, please do not hesitate to contact him on 0488 024 134 as he may just have what you have been searching for!

Anyway, back to 'the husband', bless him. We're still living in a partly renovated 100 year old Queenslander with no cupboards and I'm determined to help cull the stacks of boxes that we live with, so bear with us as we take you on a journey of 'collecting obsessions' and share our lives with you through the things that we have accumulated in the past thirty years or so. Of course, I haven't even mentioned my stash of fabrics, trims, decoupage papers, calendars, etc, etc or my mother's paraphernalia that she has been hoarding for the past sixty years or so..... oh my goodness, when will it ever end I wonder?!




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