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Craft Workshops

Please visit my Facebook page to see all of the latest creations!


I will be holding Hands-on Workshops again, in my new Whimsical Imaginings Store at Old Petrie Town, from April 2019.  The workshops are many and varied including custom-designed items, up-cycled bags and baskets; fabulous hair accessories or tassels; embellishing cushions and creating gorgeous lamp-shades ...... to name but a few!

You are welcome to join my mailing list at jule@whimsicalimaginings.com.au to register your interest for the 2019 Workshops.

Choose from the following workshops or simply bring your own U.F.O.s (unfinished objects) along and I will show you how to transform them into works of art! Most people have a lamp at home that needs some T.L.C., so why not bring it along to create something that you can be proud of. I love to be challenged so please do not think that you have to stick to the following workshop ideas - on the contrary, it is always fun to try something new.
As you can see from all the images below, the creative possibilities are endless!

Workshop 1 Learn how to make an Embellished Memory Frame or Mixed Media Collage. These images are suggested ideas only as each picture is custom designed to create your very own 'story'. 


Workshop 2 Making a corsage for a lampshade - bring along your lamp and together we can design and custom-make a velvet flower corsage to suit your taste and budget! The examples I have included here are just a few of the thousands of possibilities!


Workshop 3 - You might also like to cover an existing shade using our braids, trims and flowers - please let me know if this interests you and we can arrange a date that suits us both!!


Workshop 4 - A great workshop for beginners - be inspired by our flowers, beads and trims and learn how to make simple inexpensive gifts for your home and friends.

Workshop 5 - Challenge Me! Bring along an old box or perhaps a suitcase or what about a dress-maker's mannequin, or a frame, mirror, etc ....... anything that needs a new life .... and we will transform it into an 'object of art'.

My aim is to ensure that everyone who attends my classes has fun and so my motto is
‘There are no such thing as mistakes, only creative detours!’

I have discovered over the years that there are many people who are too frightened to attempt a project believing that they are not capable of completing it successfully but my father taught me that there is no such word as can’t so I believe that anything is possible! 


Whilst I’m more than happy to do a craft demonstration for a larger class, I find that the ‘hands-on’ workshops produce the best results as I can offer one-on-one assistance and guide you through each step of making your article.  It’s so rewarding for all of us when your project evolves into something beautiful that you are truly proud of.


The following are just a few samples of past workshop projects in addition to several other hand-crafted items that have been created. You will find some of these items for sale in our catalogue under hand-crafted Whimsical Gifts. I also love to do custom-made projects ie: lamp corsages, lamp-shades, bridal bouquets, bridal hair-pieces, wrist corsages, hair garlands, swags, posies, decorated cushions and so on - everything with either a vintage, Victorian or whimsical touch of course!
Please contact me to discover how I can be of assistance to you.

This lampshade was a fabulous op-shop find that inspired me to go all out and do something totally crazy by covering the whole shade in lace and flowers. No picture can ever convey how pretty this shade is and how reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland that it makes me feel!

'Victorian Fantasy Necklace'

Embellished paintings and mixed media collage projects.

This swag was created using a lilac/apricot peony rose as well as two lilac/apricot rose/berry picks with lilac/apricot dogwood roses and the fairy pink hydrangea petals as filler flowers.

Before and after versions of the Miss Rose Sister Violet Shoulder Bag after I have dyed and embellished the bag with MRSV looped ribbon braid.

This is one of those commercially bought padded letters that was covered in an ordinary floral fabric. The sides have all been covered in a braid trim and the top is covered with our small flowers and pieces of rose ruffle trim for a light and whimsical effect!

'Country Garden' Lamp - created with 'me' in mind as I just love green!


             This is a large frame that I have made three-                               Lamp Corsage

                      dimensional using velvet flowers

This framed collage was created using an old second-hand frame that I repainted and then added an enlarged image of an old vintage postcard.  I have then added some broken Royal Winton teacups (don't throw your gorgeous china out if you ever break it - as it's still beautiful and can be recycled), velvet flowers, hand-dyed lace, pearls and beaded fringing. The body of the teapot is a velvet flower and the spout is dripping with pearls. It was a fun project and now resides in a beautiful little tea shop in New South Wales.


   This Satin Box came to me in sad state as the top             A velvet flower, a few beads and a
   was badly damaged providing me with the perfect          beautiful piece of hand-dyed lace make

   opportunity to add some velvet flowers and beaded            this handbag just a little gorgeous.

   lace transforming it into something special.


             Here is a wreath using three velvet rose/berry picks,                      Bridal Bouquet

                   ribbons and some beaded fringing


                       Velvet Flower Kissing Ball                                       Lampshade  



   Lampshade using velvet flowers & sequin lace                          Decorated Cushion


                           Lamp Corsage                                Decorated  Velvet Heart Cushion


Bridal Bouquet using velvet flowers - a timeless piece to treasure.


                       Bridal Hairpiece                                                           Framed Mixed Media Collage


                           Velvet Flower Wrist Corsage                            Velvet Flower Hair Clip with bling


                         Decorated Velvet Heart Cushion                                Velvet Choker


        Decorated book using Miss Rose Sister Violet trims                      Bridal Keepsake


                  Decorated Handbag                                              Velvet Leaf Pixie Boot


  Rose & Pearl Lamp                                                  Framed Collage  


                  Peony Brooch                                                                    Frame Corsage


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