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Chris Boston Original Dolls

The Chris Boston Story ....... so far.......

Since 1987, Chris Boston has exhibited in a wide range of galleries, shows and exhibitions in Australia, Germany and the United States of America accumulating a formidable array of awards along the way. As a result she is now recognised as one of Australia's most highly regarded artists in her chosen field.

Her dolls and creatures are all original, one-of-a-kind pieces which she designs, sculpts and finishes entirely by hand.  Each piece is genuinely unique being a product of her own imagination.

I am honoured to count Chris amongst my special friends and we collaborate together to create truly magical exhibitions which are designed to invoke memories of the Christmas Window Displays that we all visited as children.

I hope that you will fall in love with Chris' work as I have done and trust me, beautiful creations such as these can only come from the hands and heart of a beautiful person.  Each doll that Chris creates is a reflection of her passion for her work and for the world in which she lives.


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Chris Boston 0439 660 948

Jule Barten 0412 786 046


Chris Boston on 0439 660 948


Jule Barten on 0412 786 046

We thank-you for your interest and we look forward to
hearing from you soon.

Jule and Chris xxx

Workshop creations with her students. Chris is no longer holding workshops, due to the time that she now spends creating for Lollipop Land.


Our Bejewelled Fantasea Exhibition in 2009 was an outstanding success. There are only just a few pieces still available for sale and if you are interested in purchasing them, you will find them in the catalogue section of my web-site. If you visit You Tube you will see that I have created a slide-show of the Bejewelled Fantasea characters. Once you are in there, grab yourself a cuppa while it's loading and then restart it to watch it without all the stopping and starting. Enjoy!

Chris and Jule at the 2007 Philadelphia Faerie Convention Chris where we were blessed to meet many world renowned faerie artists including Brian and Wendy Froud, Kinuko Craft and Josephine Wall. 














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