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Our Story So Far

After seventeen years of retailing in Caboolture, my husband Steven and I sold our shop in 2007 to pursue our ‘Whimsical Imaginings’. We have been busy since with many new projects including - craft workshops; creating custom-made gift-lines; visual merchandising and window displays; running our web-sites and hosting open-house events at our home such as our much-loved Tea Parties. We also do exhibitions, trade shows and festivals and function co-ordinating ...... oh my goodness, our life sounds crazy doesn't it?

Whilst we have been renovating our 100 year old house for the past eight years, it is still very much a work in progress, but then so is 'life', don't you agree? To that end, we decided that if we waited until everything was finished, we would never have anyone over, so we just pretend that everything is perfect just the way it is and use our best china every day because 'life' is a special occasion!

I am often asked what my decorating style is called and I find that the best description is ‘Victorian Fantasy’ as I love all things vintage, whimsical and nostalgic including roses, cherubs and faeries and of course anything that glitters and sparkles! Steven, on the other-hand, loves his motorbikes and collectables but we both have a shared passion for a happy life and our 37 years together is a testament to that.

We may be Bohemians at heart with an eclectic range of tastes but we have found what works for us and that is to share our lives and our home with others. We encourage all of you to ‘remember to play’ and to have fun in your life because growing old doesn't mean you have to grow up! We are blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful family, a fabulous bunch of friends and an amazing group of loyal customers and we wish to thank all of you for making our lives so special.

Jule and Steven Barten



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